Friday, July 15, 2011

Loading a log on the mill

Alright, Just wanted to give you an idea how I can load logs on the mill while here at the shop
The mill does have a hydraulic log loader, but when setup here it's not necessary to use.
The electric hoist will handle 2,000lbs, as will the trolly it's mounted on. The I-beam is a 4" x 8'x 20' long.

Friday, July 1, 2011

All right, here is another video where I'm unloading a couple of Cherries,, pretty streight foward,, just gotta be careful around heavy logs.
I am new to the video thingie, but here is how I pick up logs, and how I unload them sometimes,, when I'm not ready to mill them,,
In the one video is a very large Pecan log,,

Really large Cherry Hardwood

Just wanted to share with you that sometimes it is more advantages to split a log 1st with the Beast, before putting it on the mill,, Oh The Beast,,, That is a chainsaw that I aquired back in 1977,, the saw is 100cc,, that's big for a chain saw,, and it sports a 36' bar,, it will cut thru a very large tree in seconds,, but anyway, I had a Hugh cherry crotch that ws just a bit to large for the mill and found it best to split it 1st, before milling,,
It made nice lumber as well as 3 nice tabletop or bar top size slabs.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well I just finished an improvement on the sawmill.
I cut off and removed the axles, pulled the log loader, and added more frame to the existing frame, to beef up the machine and make set-up and break down faster and easier when on the job.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Swedish Candle in Action

Well as mentioned before and in an earlier post you can see me cutting a short pine cut off, into a Swedish candle.
Recently we were up in Perry Ga on a 3-4 day camping trip, and we took 4 of them with us, 1 for each night.
I did happen to get a pretty good shot of one burning. No the yellow Lab in the photo is not ours,, belongs to the campground.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dunnellons Red Light Cameras and speed trap

IF your route should take you through the tiny town of Dunnellon, which is barely a mile long on US41 Please note that there are 5 traffic lights in that mile on 41 and the town is very proud of there traffic light cameras,,
So Please Please do the speed limit or less, don't run any traffic lights, and don't turn right on red, even after stop, just sit and wait for the green.
Here is a link to follow-up with what I am saying.