Friday, July 15, 2011

Loading a log on the mill

Alright, Just wanted to give you an idea how I can load logs on the mill while here at the shop
The mill does have a hydraulic log loader, but when setup here it's not necessary to use.
The electric hoist will handle 2,000lbs, as will the trolly it's mounted on. The I-beam is a 4" x 8'x 20' long.

Friday, July 1, 2011

All right, here is another video where I'm unloading a couple of Cherries,, pretty streight foward,, just gotta be careful around heavy logs.
I am new to the video thingie, but here is how I pick up logs, and how I unload them sometimes,, when I'm not ready to mill them,,
In the one video is a very large Pecan log,,

Really large Cherry Hardwood

Just wanted to share with you that sometimes it is more advantages to split a log 1st with the Beast, before putting it on the mill,, Oh The Beast,,, That is a chainsaw that I aquired back in 1977,, the saw is 100cc,, that's big for a chain saw,, and it sports a 36' bar,, it will cut thru a very large tree in seconds,, but anyway, I had a Hugh cherry crotch that ws just a bit to large for the mill and found it best to split it 1st, before milling,,
It made nice lumber as well as 3 nice tabletop or bar top size slabs.