Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Heres the story on this project.
Back in 2001 during the 9/11 attack is when I built this display case,
and I for some reason just did not have my camera, maybe I was caught up in the news of that 
horrible event.
6 months ago I was ask to stop in at the williston Public Library
and give them a cost on a project, and thats when I spotted this display case 
hanging on the wall that I had built 13 plus years ago.

Now what this little case is for, is to honor the people that have helped out and given there support to the Williston Public Library.
{Friends of the Williston Public Library}
One of there artist have painted on a panel the image of shelves and books.
Now those people that had really been great supporters will have there names painted on the book edge. Great idea.
Now if you haven't ever been to the Williston Public Library you might want to stop in sometime.
This Library is now in the old Perkins State Bank building,
and its neat, this is a really old historic building, the vault is there and the marble teller lines with nickle trim, lots of marble, the floors etc, very historic the way it used to be. 
You'll also see other display case's that I've built years ago for them to house the artifacts from around the Williston area.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Here is an interesting project that I took on.
 An antique pipe stand.
Well I had no idea there were pipes of this nature.
Well when this customer brought out this pipe, it was huge,
it had beautiful carvings on it and I thought it was ivory,
but it was actually carved out of a soft stone, and once completed,
is baked to cure it, but I may be wrong on that. part.
 These types of pipes date back to the 18th century, though this 
particular pipe if I remember correctly dates to the late 18 hundreds.
This type of pipe is called Meerschaum, and there are all kind  of shapes and sizes with carvings from scenery to faces and what ever the artist could envision would go on these.
 This particular pipe had never been smoked, but it was so ornate it deserved a unique base.
 The base was made of Locally grown Walnut, wait Walnut doesn't grow here in Florida,
Your right, not very long and not very well, There were 3 Walnut trees planted in Dunnellon 70 years ago and they only achieved a height of 30' and a diameter of about 12".
 This log I aquired because it became diseased and died.
It's too hot here and not enough dormant season, but it sure did yield beautiful wood.
More info on this era of pipe and pipe making can be found on line.
Dont forget to click on the picture to enlarge

Here is one link.

and yet another