Friday, June 25, 2010

O.K. With milling logs, the main goal is to have the logs cut to about the length of the lumber you want to get out of the log. So if you want the yield of lumber to be about 12' long, and your log is 13' 6" it should be cut to the 12' length. Leaving it longer is a waist of saw blade and a waist of time. With all of that said, what do you do with the short log cut off.

You turn it into a Swedish Candle. Here is a photo where I am showing the customer the technique of making a Swedish candle, with a chainsaw. A series of cuts are made thru the log to about 2" from the bottom, basically I'm cutting and splitting it like a pie, but I'm not going thru.

Last after the pie cuts are made, I take the tip of the chainsaw bar and right in the center, make several plunge cuts, this keeps the lighter fluid from spilling out.

Take your favorite lighter fluid, pour right in the center, and it will begin burning from the center out, and can burn for 2 hours easily.

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