Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Alright,, just wanted to get on here the last project that went out,, and this one was a fun one to build also.. This reproduction is made of African Mahogany, to match that of the Antique Music Machine, that will sit on top. The top has the same scrolled profile as the base of the Music Machine, just a little larger of course.

To give it more of a nostalgic appearance, I did what is called frame and panel construction, in which I inserted 1/4" Mahogany plywood, which was done on all 4 sides.

The mahogany is already a pink to reddish wood, and when a red Mahogany stain is applied, you will get that beautiful Burgundy color, and then of course when the clear coat is applied over that, the grain really stands out.

Now just a pinch of history on the Music Machine : they were built before the Phonograph, or some may also remember the Victrola, those mentioned played the early records.

The Music Machine used 15 1/2" metal disk, which had about 3/8' holes punched all the way around the parameter, for the cog/gear to engage and turn it, which by the way, a handle crank on the side was wound up to drive it . Then on the rest of the metal disk were holes punched in with little tabs on one side, looked like a cheese grader, or you might say hanging chads. But anyway these little tabs would pluck the metal music bars, and just create beautiful music.

The Machine that is sitting on this cabinet has been through one fire, but has survived, and owned by the same family for years.

When I heard the music, I was amazed at how big of a well orchestrated sound came from the Machine.

The bottom two photos is of the piece in the shop before the stain and clear coat, then the cabinet was dismantled for finishing, stained, clear coated, and then reassembled.

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