Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Natural Edge Table - A Man Table

Alright, Here is another table ready for delivery.
This table is what I call a Natural Bark Edge Table.
It is made from 2" thick slabs of Turkey Oak.
The log that I was able to produce these thick and wide slabs from
was 90 years old, and that is rare for a Turkey Oak to reach that size,
which was about 24" in diamater at the base, and estimated to be 55-60 feet high.
They normally reach about 25-30 feet high and not much more then about 12"
in diamater, then die off.
The table top was about 39" wide X 54" long, and it was heavy.
That said the base had to be built stout and ridgid
so that when the top was placed on the base it would not rock or rack from the weight of the top.
I applied several coats of Lacquer to all parts of the table, to achieve
the desired smooth finish, then several more coats of a gloss
Polyurathane, to resist moisture.
This Man table will be enjoyed in a very large screened in patio
overlooking a garden and a paddock of pet goats, and an active bid feeder.

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