Thursday, February 14, 2013


O.K. It's been a little while, but I have a good customer whom I've built a cross legged table for them, a while back, and they came to me with a challange of modifying there Entertainment center.
 It was of an older design where your analog, 36" tube type TV fit snuggly inside, and the doors could be drawn and closed to cover the TV.
   They wanted to up grade with the times and replace the ole antique with a digital flat screen.
Well what do you do with the old Entertainment center, pitch it? Give it away?
 I Looked at it and heard there idea about cutting it off here, and bringing the top down to this level.
 Well after about a half  hour of examing, the piece, I decided it was doable, and I wasnt gonna take it on if I couldn't make it look like it had never been touched.
   Not only did I have to carefully dismantle a big part of it, so that it could be cut down, and some of the face frame had to be cut at given points, exact.
   I had to cut down the left door, which in old times, covered and displayed some of the old components or nick nacks.
 After sucessfully lowering the cabinet into it's new look, it was time to take on the door. I removed the glass, then cut the top rail out, then extracted the raised panel, then cut the door frame down to it's new size. Then I cut the raised panel down to it's new size, but now I had to figure out how to put that old style profile on the panel. That was figured out, the some pretty close matching stain did the job, and reassemble the door and hang it.

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