Tuesday, October 8, 2013


O.K. It's been a while, and time to put a few things up here.
 This lil childs pouting chair is made of Black Oak. Locally grown Oak.
 This oak can grow to height's of 90' and 30" in diameter at the base.
This log was not that large, but it sure did yield some beautiful wood.
 We just recently had a new grandbaby born on 6/7/2013
This Chair I built for her. The log was a bit diseased and
with that, there is some spalting occurring, so I positioned the wood to take the most advantage of the spalting.
A friend brought over his chair which was of pine construction, I took a few pictures and that was all I needed to build a replica except with my own twist.
Just a natural lacquer clear coat is all I needed for the finish.

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