Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Remodel Job

This was a much needed remodel job that our bedroom needed.
We didn't look forward to living in our guest room on a full-size bed
for 3 months, but we managed. Good thing were not large people.
I don't have before pictures, but believe me the 20 year old
wall paper was time to go, as well as the white bi-fold closet doors etc.
The wainscot is a 5/16" cherry lap siding that I did, I didn't want it to look to bulky.
All the trim is cherry including the live edge window seals
and wall mounted shelf for our TV.

A new bed was in order, photos aren't great as I had to take them looking thru the mirror,
But I used small cedar logs for the corner-post and a couple of large cedar slabs to connect them.
There are bi-passing doors on the sides for storage.
Our previous bed also had storage under it so we continued with the idea.

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