Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This was a fun job that I looked forward to.
This bell tower pulley was possibly made in the late 1800's
and sat atop in the steeple of the old 1st Presbyterian church
on Chestnut St, in Dunnellon. They were doing a complete remodel /restoration
job to the Church and this Pulley was a wreck, the cast iron spoke was terribly rusty,
and the wood which was poplar was coming apart.
They originally took it to the cabinet shop on the south side of town, and was directed
to bring it to me.
The pulley was 48" in diameter, the plan was to get the spoke out of there and grind
as much rust off of it and then sandblast it, when I was done it was metal grey.
Then good quality Rust-oleum primer was applied and the Rust-oleum black paint.
Now I could begin the woodwork
 I used White Oak, as it is the wood of choice for wet applications, such as whiskey kegs,
 wine barrels, beds of early pick up trucks, and ancient ship building.
Let the woodworking begin.
The oak was surfaced to 7/8" thick and straight line to 6" wide
and 28 1/4" long, 12 pieces cut with 30degree ends and grooves cut for splines.

Glue time, then the layout for the 48" outside radius
and the 21 3/16 inside radius.
Cut time, I left one spline unglued so I could enter the inside
to cut the inner radius.
Sanding to make it consistent.
Cutting the channel for the rope.
Fitting for glue-up.
In Clamps.
The finished product.
Glued and Stainless Steel Bolts

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